Don't diss me on my Facebook page!

  “But what if they don’t like me?” she says as you take her hand and lead her into her first grade classroom. You assure her that it will be okay; that she’ll make plenty of new friends and that you’ll be there to collect her at the end of the day. You hope that you’re right. After all, she’s your sweet princess, what’s not to like? And yet you can’t get the thought of the potential class... Read More

Socially Devoted to You

I'm a social media expert.  Yessiree.  I can manage every network for all my clients all the time, whilst running a PC building business on the side.  Regardless of industry, your online reputation couldn't be in better hands. Right now, as we speak, a guy from India clicked "like" on my uncle Joe's garden service page.  After the big Spur burger giveaway campaign, he's set for greatness. ... Read More

Traffic to your new development

Consider the word “traffic”. Quite likely it brings to mind hours of frustration and neck pain. At PropertyEngine we have a different association: the image of millions of people opening their internet browsers. Billboards have long been a developer’s best friend. They are a relatively cheap way of mass-marketing because everyone who drives past your sign will have a look, right? ... Read More

The Rise of Agent 2.0

I've been through two of these ceremonies now -- the event where your 6 year old leaves "little" school and says goodbye to their teachers and friends before moving on to Grade 1.  It is a weighty moment, especially as they will be asked the question, "What do you want to become when you are all grown up?".  Some answers are predictable : teachers, veterinarians, doctors and so on.  Others are... Read More

Instant Property Websites

You've probably heard it said that good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow?  My idea for this post was to adapt this and apply it to the launch of your real estate website.  Something like, "a good site today is better than a perfect site tomorrow".  But, aside from the cheesiness of the statement, there is one major problem: the perfect website does not exist. But I'm ... Read More

A plan that works

Buying a home is a simple process on paper. Shortlist the contenders based upon your preferences, then follow that up with a viewing to pick the winner.  Yet, what seems simple in theory, quickly becomes a real-life comprehension test of epic proportions.  You've seen the movie -- the client walks in, falls in love with the home, embraces the sales person.  Cut scene to where they are ... Read More

Embracing Technology to Sell Property

The residential property industry will fondly remember the first few years of the new millennium as the "golden era", a time when sales agents could sit back and take orders whilst the desks of mortgage originators groaned under the strain of new contracts.  Banks loaned freely, property developers knew that selling was a no-brainer and everyone was a buyer. As the wave grew even the ... Read More

Strategy Four: On the Map

Where stuff is and why has always been important, but nowhere more so than when searching for the ideal location to live. And that is the crux of the matter : people are going to live there.  Not visit it and later leave, but spend the next few years making it their home. Whilst potential buyers are increasingly getting the first glance of their new home on a map, the use of online spatial... Read More

Show the sizzle

To effectively market real estate online, nothing trumps the impact of compelling visual information.  Yep, it seems that good photographs, floor plans or architectural renderings even surpass the value offered by detailed descriptive information. Buyers will "read" the visuals before progressing to the facts and measurements. In simple terms, your images may be the only thing a potential ... Read More

Social Media and Real Estate Marketing

The social network phenomenon has taken the world by storm. You can't even order pizza without being bombarded with the request to 'like the parma ham topping' or 'tweet for really good service'. Gimmick or gold mine? Worth it or a giant waste of time? These are good questions when considering the marketing and management of secure residential communities, estates and developments. What ... Read More