Tech Talk: version 1.5 is live


Welcome to our first tech-specific post on the PropertyEngine blog, where you get notified about all the important changes we have made to our system. These changes were implemented to make your experience more enjoyable and effecient, whilst continuing to provide an affordable service. We went live with version 1.5 and below are the improvements we have made to PropertyEngine.


Finally! We have started giving out logins to a couple of unsuspecting vict.. um I mean, paying clients who are testi.... using our product . We are in the process of sending out more logins. If you haven't received yours, ask nicely and we will see what we can do for you.


PropertyEngine understands that a development is not built on fairy dust and wishes. A lot of work and effort is required from multiple parties to bring a development, and ultimately a community to life. We wanted to ensure that all the game players received credit where credit is due and so we introduced Organisations. This allows the developer to list all the architects, builders, agencies and banks involved in making the development a success. These organisations will be listed on HelloHouse with their own sub-page, linking them to all the developments they have been involved in. This is just another way we are able to show off the development in its entirety in the online world.

Units on all our public products

Not only has PropertyEngine introduced a unit management product that you can read up about here, but in version 1.5 we have taken this one step further and allowed you to publish this data to the world in a map and table-friendly view. We have rolled out our LiveList tech to the following products: Hellohouse, Facebook App, Instant Website and our Wordpress plugin. Each of these products have their own tailor-made version of our LiveList tech perfectly align with the context of the product. Hellohouse and Instant Website units are SEO-friendly, while our wordpress version allows customization of the data you wish to display. If you have units and want to get them on a map showing availabilty, pricing and more, then look out for our upcoming marketing drive regarding this amazing world first product. If you can't wait that long, you're welcome to contact us now and we'll see what we can do.

User Interface changes

We believe that a frustrated developer is going to look for business elsewhere. We are constantly looking at ways to make things simpler, faster and easier to use so that you, the developer, can focus on the important issues of making sales and developing great homes! We have implemented many changes to our UI over the course of a month and we plan to continually improve our tech. We love receiving feedback from our users, good or bad.... Well, truthfully, we prefer hearing the good, but if it is a little less peachy, just let us down easy - we've become somewhat attached to our tech.

That is all for this week. We have some exciting changes coming up in the next couple of weeks with the release of 1.6. You do not want to miss that update!

Until next time,

Corne Kooyman

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