Traffic to your new development

Selling property with billboards

Consider the word “traffic”.

Quite likely it brings to mind hours of frustration and neck pain.

At PropertyEngine we have a different association: the image of millions of people opening their internet browsers.

Billboards have long been a developer’s best friend. They are a relatively cheap way of mass-marketing because everyone who drives past your sign will have a look, right? Maybe, but after driving around in search of developments for our product, HelloHouse, I have noticed a few problems with this theory:

  1. When driving along a highway at around 120 km/hr I cannot take in all the information on a board. This means I often have to turn around and stop to take down the details. (In addition to being a driving hazard, continuous stopping and backtracking enrages the “navigator” in the passenger seat.)
  2. Because of this whole high-speed thing, billboards necessarily contain very little information.
  3. Depending on the location of your development and board, the majority of traffic is probably local.

Am I saying that billboards should be scrapped entirely? No. They can be a very effective part of your advertising strategy, but you do need to join the 21st century with an online presence. It doesn’t have to be a flash-enhanced bank-breaker of a website, but potential clients need some information between seeing your brand and contacting you directly.

Our InstantSites for developers can help you do just that, no expertise required. Now let’s get back to traffic. Ideally you want your market share of both types. Attract peoples’ attention with a simple and emotive roadside billboard (such as the one below) that will give them enough information to Google your development. It’s unlikely that they’ll remember the full web address, so it is important that you pop up as one of the pages that Google locates in fractions of a second when your potential buyer enters their search terms. By the time they’ve clicked on your link you should be well on your way to selling them a place to park their car.

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