The process of conceptualizing a new development and then taking it to fully sold-out and even into resales is a complex one. Those who purchase at the off-plan stage want assurance that their dream home will materialise, and as a developer, you want the opportunity to showcase all the hard work your team is getting up to in order to make this happen. Enter Development Progress - a user-friendly tool to keep your clients informed of the various stages, milestones, and even hiccups you may be experiencing.

Create your development progress updates with ease

Update your status often, and in seconds, via your PropertyEngine account. Choose from three main categories: Construction, Marketing and General. Add images and/or videos for extra points.

Fresh content for your HelloHouse listing

Your development progress updates will appear on your HelloHouse listing, creating a handy time-line for the interested buyer.

A digest of your news for your interested clients

Clients who have subscribed for updates will receive a weekly digest of all your updates including images and video.

Spread the word to multiple online channels

Soon you'll be able to update via PropertyEngine and see those updates on your social media accounts and other marketing platforms.

Some examples of Development Progress in action

Here are just a few of our developments making use of Development Progress to update their clients.