The LiveList plugin for real estate developers is a powerful and intuitive way of engaging property buyers. Dynamic information regarding property developments and projects can be displayed right on the property developer's website. This includes a real estate map-view showing availability, size, price and other information which would be of interest to buyers. Alternatively, users are able to switch to a table or list view showing up-to-date property information in a familiar spreadsheet format.

Upload your spreadsheet

Spreadsheets and PDF pricelists go out of date quickly. Take your existing spreadsheet and upload it to PropertyEngine in seconds.

Start sharing your LiveList view

Once uploaded, you instantly have the ability to display an up-to-date table of unit prices on as many sites as you want, using one of our custom-built plugins for the web. Made a sale? Congratulations! With one click of your mouse you can change the status of the unit to 'reserved' or 'sold' and it will automatically update online.

View units on the LiveMap view

If you have uploaded the GPS location of each of your units, LiveList can be used to represent them on a map in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. LiveMap view allows home-hunters to see which units are available, how much they cost, and where they are located within the development.

Use our framework plugins

If your site is built with Joomla or Wordpress, we have custom-built plugins that allow you to easily show off your units. Simply get your techie to spend 2 minutes installing the plugin and you can then add LiveList or LiveMap to any page or website.