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FLISP - More than a Five-Lettered frustration

FLISP, or Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program, is regarded as a different variety of F-word in some property circles. However, this maligned and misunderstood government subsidy that aims to help first time home buyers afford their own property might deserve a little closer inspection than a five-lettered frustration.While understanding the mechanisms that go on behind the scenes can be ... Read More

Property Portals in South Africa - A response to Jan le Roux

In the September/October 2014 issue of ‘Property Professional’ magazine, Jan le Roux, Chief Executive of Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa (Rebosa) writes on the continued growth of online property listings, and the dominance of Property24 and Private Property. While it is certainly a worthwhile debate, he raises a number of issues that warrant a response. The article begins with... Read More

Not all listings are the same

In our recent marketing efforts we've talked a lot about the new development-specific listing on Property24 and why our clients should be publishing their developments to it. Developers tend to get it but Agencies don't. The reason tends to be the same; most Estate Agencies (at least the big ones) already have a feed to Property24, often through their own proprietry software or via PropControl... Read More

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Leogem Property Projects
Genesis Projects.
MSP Developments.
M&T Development.
Craft Homes
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Renico Construction (PTY) Ltd
Power Developments
Pam Golding Properties

Recent developments we've helped market recently

Raithby Vines
The Village – Clara Anna Fontein
Clara Anna Fontein
Vita Paz
Bunku Heights
Waverley Ridge
Vida Nova
West End
Vida Unico Residential Estate
Zambesi Manor
Windmill Park
Villa Sao Pedro
Vivini Security Estate
Villa Glen
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