Introducing Development Ranking

According to statisticians, the chance of you reading past the first paragraph of this blog post is pretty slim. Why? Well, when it comes to our internet browsing habits, we tend to be rather fickle. If the content doesn't grab our attention within the first few seconds, we'll simply click to the next page. In fact, according to research compiled in April, the average human's attention... Read More

Development Progress - how it all works

If you missed our launch post on Development Progress, we explained how using Development Progress regularly put a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. The value of consistent communication to your clients is huge, and we take away the pain of creating a regular ol' newsletter for you by offering a rather snazzy, reader-friendly progress digest (you read that correctly - we do the design ... Read More

Development Progress - the value of the update

Our development team have been burning the proverbial midnight oil and we can finally announce that Development Progress is here!  What's that, you might ask? Developments aren't built in a day, and as we all know, the process has many stages and sub-activities attached. Whilst they may seem standard (and perhaps not very exciting), to those who are interested in buying, they mean ... Read More

View leads via your private account

  Receiving a new lead is always good - a sign that your development is appealing and home-hunters are interested in knowing more. At PropertyEngine, we strive to make our products easy to use and informative for your clients so that those who are serious are more likely to enquire. This is why our listings on HelloHouse are rich in data that is necessary for informed decision-making.... Read More

Put a pin in it

Have you ever wondered why when you sell your house via an agent the available property portal listings have the following message when you click on the Map icon: “This property has not been mapped”? If your agent does not know how to put a pin in a map for your house you should consider finding someone else. Not even Sunday show days reveal the physical address. No, the would-be purchaser... Read More

Tech Talk: version 1.6 is live

  I’m glad to announce that not only is PropertyEngine Version 1.6 live, but that the marketing team enjoyed my Tech Talk version 1.5 post enough to allow me out of my coding cage once more to bring you the latest updates from behind the tech curtain. Version 1.6 contains changes and new features we felt were needed to improve the overall management of a development’s online profile. ... Read More

The value of lead categorisation

With the first pass of Leads on PropertyEngine we’ve started with what we believe to be some of the more powerful features that define it. One of those features is lead categorisation which, as its name implies, is a way of helping you categorise your incoming leads to allow for easier handling down the line. It’s a quick and simple mechanism which allows you to concentrate on the most ... Read More

Leads - a bit of CRM history

If you were to Google the term “CRM” (customer relationship management) right now you would get millions of results selling products promising the world in helping deal with those interested in buying on a particular development. You might have trialled one or two briefly but right at this very point in time if I were to ask you to show me a list of your leads, money has it, you would bring it... Read More

The Lead Lowdown

Nothing gets a developer or an agent excited quite like receiving a new lead. Without leads there is no sales, so the collection and management of leads becomes a priority task.  Last week we told you about our Unit Manager system, and this week we're letting you know all you need to about our new Lead Manager system on PropertyEngine. We have created a system that allows you to manage, ... Read More

Tech Talk: version 1.5 is live

  Welcome to our first tech-specific post on the PropertyEngine blog, where you get notified about all the important changes we have made to our system. These changes were implemented to make your experience more enjoyable and effecient, whilst continuing to provide an affordable service. We went live with version 1.5 and below are the improvements we have made to PropertyEngine. ... Read More