Lets get started - Part 1: Logging in and adding a Development

Welcome to PropertyEngine, your Lead Management System (LMS). Our aim at PropertyEngine is to assist you in simplifying the way you gain and manage all those valuable leads. We have numerous features, which assist you along this journey from converting a lead into a buyer. So lets get started.

Logging in:

You would have been sent an email from PropertyEngine with your login details, here’s an example below.


You will need to login to www.propertyengine.com , click the “sign in” tab on the top right. You will be redirected to a login page where you can enter your unique login details.

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Forgot your password?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember your password simply click the “Forgot your password” link below and you will be re-directed to a password retrieval page.


Adding a Development:

Once you’ve logged in you will be ready to add a development. Your development will be listed on Property24 (if you have contacted them to list your development) for a small fee and on HelloHouse free of charge.) If you are only listing on HelloHouse then there will be a fee to pay for the various LMS package you may be on. (eg. Lite, Standard, Pro. Each package offers unique lead managing features which are invaluable in converting your leads to buyers)

You may already have a development listed if you filled out an assist form and one of our friendly support staff uploaded your first development for you. If not don’t worry we’re here to show you how.

Once you’ve logged into your PropertyEngine account you will have access to an overview of all your listings live or not. On the top of the page there is a toolbar, the last tab that says “Listing” Click on this.


If you have already created a listing it will show up on this page, if not you will be prompted to add a new development, click this. If you are adding an additional development you can click on the “add new listing” button on the top right of the page


You will be asked to fill in the name of your development, the area it is situated in and confirm that you are mandated to sell this property and have sufficient content to list this development.


Once you have completed these steps you will return to the listings page where you will need to select the upload content button on the right of the listing.


This will lead you to a content page where you will need to go through all of the tabs filling in the required information for the listing, like the description, pictures, url links, site plans, unit plans and sizes and prices.


Take time to fill in the correct information, good quality pictures and logos. Listings are all reviewed before going live on Property24 and HelloHouse, however the more accurate the initial listing upload is the less time is wasted going back and forth with changes.

*Find out more about what are the best-sized/ best quality images and why we don’t include pictures with logos on them here.

Also listings with more information, clear, good quality images, site plans and unit plans perform much better in gaining leads than listings with few pictures or bad quality pictures and little information.

Once you’re done check the notify PropertyEngine and click save. If you’re not finished, simply save the form. It will save all your changes until you are ready to submit.


Watch the video tutorial below: