What is CapturePoint?

CapturePoint is a mobile application that can be downloaded for free in any app store. It is an integrated lead management tool that is perfect for Developers and Agents on the go. It’s ideally suited to Open Days and Exhibitions,

CapturePoint can be easily customised with your branding to reflect a professional appearance if you are on the Standard PropertyEngine Package.

CapturePoint consolidates all your valuable leads into one convenient location. No pens, no paper, no leads lost.

Download CapturePoint in your app or google play store. Once downloaded you will notice that there are two login Options.


Option one is User – as an agent or developer you will be able to use your PropertyEngine account login details to login to the app from here. Remember the CapturePoint app is integrated or linked to your PropertyEngine account, so all leads captured will automatically be updated in your PropertyEngine account to manage.


Option two is Assistant – the assistant login is used for runners or agent assistants, who you only want to have limited access to the app, they really should only be able to enter in lead details and sync the information to your PropertyEngine lead database.


To generate an Assistant login pin you will need to login into your PropertyEngine Account first. Here you will click on your name in the top right corner – next to the settings tab. Scroll down to Assistants tab.


A new window will appear and you are able to enter the name or names of the Assistants you work with. Once you have added the assistant’s name an Access code will be generated and this is the code they will use when logging into CapturePoint. The leads they capture will be synced with your PropertyEngine account to manage.

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Once you have logged in you will be taken to a settings page, where you can capture a default location. This is useful if you’re at an open day for a specific development for example Parklands.


You can then either logout below that or reset the application. Resetting is useful to do once all your leads have successfully synced to your PropertyEngine account and another agent or assistant needs to use the tablet that you used to capture the leads. Reset clears all the lead information off the device but the synced leads will still be in your PropertyEngine database.

If you save settings, you will be taken to the leads list, where you can add leads.


If you want to switch between the Lead and settings pages you can click the menu tab in the top left corner.


To add a lead simply click add lead, if it is your first lead being added, or the plus icon in the top right corner if it’s an additional lead capture.


You will be taken to a contact details page where you or the lead can fill in contact details. You can also select which development, as well as plans the lead may be interested in.


You can include a note on the lead and you will notice the location is automatically filled in if you completed the step in settings.


If you click save you will be redirected to the lead list. Next to the leads name, will appear the date the lead was added as well as a grey tick. Once the tick has turned green your lead has been successfully synced with your PropertyEngine Lead database.


The syncing process should take less than a minute when you are connected to the Internet. Meaning that you can still capture leads while offline however they will only sync to your Lead database in PropertyEngine once you are in a Wi-Fi enabled area.

If you click on the lead all the lead information filled in will appear for you to view.


If you upgrade to a Standard PropertyEngine account you will have access to different Kiosk modes as well as unique branding.

The kiosk modes are useful when you need to capture different information from your clients depending on the event or the customer’s stage of purchase.

Kiosk mode one is a general mode where the customer can input their details to be added as a lead.

Kiosk mode two is if you are exhibiting all or multiple developments to a lead and/or they are interested in more than one development.

Kiosk mode three is a gallery view where leads can view images of your different developments, including plans, units and mock up visuals.

Finally Kiosk mode four is for the lead who is ready to start the purchasing process. This mode allows for the lead to upload documents and fill in larger amounts of information to get this process started.

At this level you are also able to brand your CapturePoint App to reflect your company logo or even the development logo. This takes the capturing process a step further and creates a professional look for your brand.

CapturePoint’s mobile features and tools enable you to capture those valuable leads any place at any time, even when you do not have access to internet or wifi.

The syncing option and mobile access means you will never be caught off guard or potentially loose a lead. CapturePoint will not only save you time with capturing leads it will also save you money – no more bulky files, pens and paper and no more lost leads.

View the video tutorial - Coming soon