Advertise to your future clients via our current client emails

Sunday May 12, 2013

Advertise to your future clients via our current client emails

Do you have a product or service you believe every new home owner needs to know about? Have you found a solution to a common challenge faced by property developers? 

Advertise your products to our HelloHouse and PropertyEngine clients via a text-based marketing message at the bottom of our official client emails. 

Our client emails are specific and to the point, but if you're offering something of value to our clients, then advertising at the bottom of our correspondence to them is the place to get their attention.

Property Developers

We send our property developers an email notifying them each time they receive a new lead via HelloHouse. This is a high-priority email that you better believe they'll be reading.

HelloHouse Home Hunters

We follow up with all our clients who enquire about a development on HelloHouse. This correspondence comes at various stages of the home-purchasing experience that is initiated via HelloHouse. Advertise your product or service to them at the bottom of each follow-up email.

If you are interested in advertising to our clients in this way, please contact us for more information on the various packages.