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Acquire & Consolidate Leads

Still manually entering leads? PropertyEngine provides a whole host of ways to receive leads automatically without the need for humans to get involved.

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Profile & Engage

Engage your leads in a journey that helps qualifies them and takes them through process from enquiry to the point of sale.

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Engage your leads


Report & Analyse

Work out what your best bang for buck is when it comes to finding leads, find out who your ace sales people are.

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Show the sizzle

To effectively market real estate online, nothing trumps the impact of compelling visual information.  Yep, it seems that good photographs, floor plans or architectural renderings even surpass the value offered by detailed descriptive information...

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Social Media and Real Estate Marketing

The social network phenomenon has taken the world by storm. You can't even order pizza without being bombarded with the request to 'like the parma ham topping' or 'tweet for really good service'. Gimmick or gold mine? Worth it or a giant waste of...

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Strategy Two : Engage your prospects

Your website is looking great, and the number of visitors is steadily on the rise. Increased traffic is good, but not an end in itself. In the world of commercial web-speak, one term stands head and shoulders above the rest: Conversion. The ...

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