Introducing Property Pass - a new way to sell property online

It’s been a strange few months and 2020 is certainly not unfolding like any of us quite expected it to. Most industries have been negatively affected and have had to quickly adapt. Real estate is by no means different -  big bustling show day launches of new developments with champagne and canapés now seem like a distant reality.It’s up to all of us to decide how we react as an industry.  Do ... Read More

RSVP - From Listings to Launch

If you’re in the property industry you know that marketing a new development is one thing. But getting potential buyers through the front door for a viewing? That’s a different ballgame altogether.Open days and launch events remain a key marketing channel for the estate development industry, but sending out invites and managing replies can steal precious hours out of your workday. As South ... Read More

Show the sizzle

To effectively market real estate online, nothing trumps the impact of compelling visual information.  Yep, it seems that good photographs, floor plans or architectural renderings even surpass the value offered by detailed descriptive information. Buyers will "read" the visuals before progressing to the facts and measurements. In simple terms, your images may be the only thing a potential ... Read More

Social Media and Real Estate Marketing

The social network phenomenon has taken the world by storm. You can't even order pizza without being bombarded with the request to 'like the parma ham topping' or 'tweet for really good service'. Gimmick or gold mine? Worth it or a giant waste of time? These are good questions when considering the marketing and management of secure residential communities, estates and developments.What are ... Read More

Strategy Two : Engage your prospects

Your website is looking great, and the number of visitors is steadily on the rise. Increased traffic is good, but not an end in itself. In the world of commercial web-speak, one term stands head and shoulders above the rest: Conversion. The theory is that a casual browser should be converted to a subscriber, a subscriber to a lead and a lead to an actual client. But how is this achieved in ... Read More

HelloHouse now displays unit information

HelloHouse, our residential development portal, continues to receive plenty of R&D from our programmers in an effort to ensure we are providing home-hunters with the best, most up-to-date information. Our desire is for our clients to be armed with an arsenal of relevant information so that they can confidently contact the developer to arrange a viewing and take the relevant next step in ... Read More

Put a pin in it

Have you ever wondered why when you sell your house via an agent the available property portal listings have the following message when you click on the Map icon: “This property has not been mapped”?If your agent does not know how to put a pin in a map for your house you should consider finding someone else. Not even Sunday show days reveal the physical address. No, the would-be purchaser has ... Read More

Advertise to your future clients via our current client emails

Do you have a product or service you believe every new home owner needs to know about? Have you found a solution to a common challenge faced by property developers? Advertise your products to our HelloHouse and PropertyEngine clients via a text-based marketing message at the bottom of our official client emails. Our client emails are specific and to the point, but if you're offering something ... Read More

The Lead Lowdown

Nothing gets a developer or an agent excited quite like receiving a new lead. Without leads there is no sales, so the collection and management of leads becomes a priority task. Last week we told you about our Unit Manager system, and this week we're letting you know all you need to about our new Lead Manager system on PropertyEngine. We have created a system that allows you to manage, ... Read More

Auto-response - a new feature on HelloHouse

HelloHouse now provides auto-responders with a difference.When a lead enquires about a development via HelloHouse, we now send them a short message telling them that their enquiry has been sent and to expect a response from the developer within two working days. The purpose of this message is to assure the client that their enquiry has gone to the right development and to tell them what to ... Read More