Auto-response - a new feature on HelloHouse

Friday March 15, 2013

Auto-response - a new feature on HelloHouse

HelloHouse now provides auto-responders with a difference.

When a lead enquires about a development via HelloHouse, we now send them a short message telling them that their enquiry has been sent and to expect a response from the developer within two working days. The purpose of this message is to assure the client that their enquiry has gone to the right development and to tell them what to expect going forward.

Developers who have a paid pro-listing on HelloHouse will have the opportunity to customise the text for these auto-response messages. Whether you decide to make the message straight-forward, or engage the client with a quirky retort is completely up to you. As long as you deliver on your promises, we're happy to pass the message along. Developers using the basic-listing will have our auto-responder sent to their leads. 

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