Development Progress - the value of the update

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Development Progress - the value of the update

Our development team have been burning the proverbial midnight oil and we can finally announce that Development Progress is here! 

What's that, you might ask?

Developments aren't built in a day, and as we all know, the process has many stages and sub-activities attached. Whilst they may seem standard (and perhaps not very exciting), to those who are interested in buying, they mean progress is occurring! (We'd bet you good money that the nervous investor would find "light bulbs purchased" or "paint drying nicely" to be very news-worthy).

Development Progress is our new tool that allows you to keep all interested parties informed on the day to day progress of your development. It can be construction-related i.e. the laying of foundations, or marketing-related i.e. three units sold this week, or general information on the development that you would like people to know about. Our system allows you to upload images, videos and text, and at the end of each week, those who have subscribed to be updated via HelloHouse will be sent a news digest of all the progress updates you've submitted. These updates will also be available on your HelloHouse listing, and eventually you'll be able to broadcast them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with ease.

So what is the value of updating your clients and potential clients on the progress of your development?

There is an inherent risk for anyone buying off-plan. As a developer, you can do a lot to put your client's mind at ease by showing them that progress is happening on the development. The more regular you are with these updates, even if they seem mundane, the more confidence you are instilling in your clients. 

What happens if we hit a road bump?

This happens and the details could be minor or major. By keeping your clients updated via Development Progress, you will assure them that you are aware and in control of any issue that may arise. After all, keeping quiet about missing important deadlines is a sure-fire way to make your clients very nervous.

In my next blog post, I'll explain how to create a development progress update and why it is good to do so in terms of increasing your search engine optimisation, so make sure you head back here to get the scoop.