Introducing Development Ranking

Thursday October 24, 2013

Introducing Development Ranking

According to statisticians, the chance of you reading past the first paragraph of this blog post is pretty slim.


Well, when it comes to our internet browsing habits, we tend to be rather fickle. If the content doesn't grab our attention within the first few seconds, we'll simply click to the next page. In fact, according to research compiled in April, the average human's attention span in 2012 is 8 seconds, whilst the average attention span of a gold fish is a dazzling 9've just been fish-slapped! 

How often do you click on links past the first page of any organic search? I'm assuming hardly ever. Search engines, especially Google, have trained us to know that our most relevant and useful information will be found on page one. We'll click the top links, trusting they will lead us to the relevant data.

In a tough housing market, you want to ensure your development appears on the front page of every possible matching criteria search. Those looking to buy are likely to pay attention to the first few listings appearing in their search results. Very few will be patient enough to look through all the listings until they reach the lowest ranked development.

So how do you capitalise on your clients' 8 seconds? You need to ensure that your listing is visible.

Property developers and agents, take note. We've optimised HelloHouse to prioritise developments with the richest set of data. In order to appear on page one for geographical, financial and spec searches, you're going to need to ensure your listing has all the bells and whistles.

How do we measure how rich your data is? We've created a rating system that assigns a numerical value for a number of specifications such as number and quality of gallery images, the presence of plans, a unit list, number of development progress updates per month etc. If you are missing anything on the list, you receive zero for that category and this will negatively affect your total score. Developments that rate the highest will, in turn, receive the highest ranking on HelloHouse.

It is important to ensure that your development listing is eye-catching in terms of position and quality. We can assure you that we'll be putting the best listings at the top [note: best listing does not mean the fanciest development]. 

Worried that your listing might not be scoring high enough? Don't worry, you can change that today by contacting us to find out what we need to improve your score. Our system does a rate check each week to ensure that our ranking order is up to date.