Property24's New Development tab - Small Addition, big impact

It's no secret that we've been publishing developments on for the last three months. I mean, who wouldn't shout it from the roof tops when given an opportunity to play in the big leagues? More importantly though, those clients that opted to try out the trial offer have reaped the benefits of a lot more qualified leads coming their way. On all counts, it's been a great success.

It doesn't stop there though. Neither PropertyEngine nor Property24 are resting on their laurels, and just today the software engineers at Property24 updated their home page to feature Developments in the prominent position above the search bar. See the small, but powerful, addition below:

Property24's New Development Tab


Why does this matter? Well, it shows an increasing focus by the leading property website in Africa towards gated communities, new developments and apartment blocks. At PropertyEngine, we’ve always known that developments were going to increasingly shift into the spotlight as South Africa's housing shortage is addressed, and this latest move by Property24 shows we’re on the right track.

With one of the largest and most detailed catalogues of residential developments in South Africa – and one that is growing daily – it's an exciting place to be.

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