Tech Talk: version 1.6 is live

Thursday June 27, 2013

I’m glad to announce that not only is PropertyEngine Version 1.6 live, but that the marketing team enjoyed my Tech Talk version 1.5 post enough to allow me out of my coding cage once more to bring you the latest updates from behind the tech curtain.

Version 1.6 contains changes and new features we felt were needed to improve the overall management of a development’s online profile. We went to work improving the way you control your data, ultimately giving a potential buyer more information and assisting them to decide whether your development holds their next home.

Agencies on HelloHouse

Agencies are now being given some serious love on our HelloHouse listing portal. We are giving them the ability to be listed along side the developer on the overview page of a specific development.

But wait! There is more! We are also giving agents their very own page to showcase only their developments. This will allow agencies to show all the developments they are marketing, and to sweeten the deal, it comes with a free map view, allowing your buyers to see where each development is located. NB for Agencies: We only allow one listing per development, so the first agent who contacts us gets the listing and all the leads. Make sure your fellow agent doesn’t beat you to it.


Julie and Simon have already covered most of what you need to know about leads : The Lead Lowdown and The value of lead categorisation, so there isn’t much more for me to add other than to iterate that it is an awesome system. Not only does it allow you, the PropertyEngine account holder to track your leads from our products, but we also let you know what your clients think of your service. From their response, you’ll be able to know whether your agents have actually got back to your potential clients or not. When you have many leads to keep track of, this will be one of your most powerful tools. Our system also allows you to add any other leads you may have from development open days, expos, or other marketing sources.

Building View

One feature we have always found lacking is the ability to correctly indicate where a unit is situated when dealing with multi-storey buildings. It can be extremely frustrating, trying to navigate the labyrinth of floors and floor plans, trying to find that one special unit you are after. PropertyEngine has taken the first steps to solving this problem by creating a new building viewer completely from scratch. You should be seeing more about this come version 1.65, but for now, get those unit data tables ready so we can start uploading your data and have it ready in time for the building viewer launch!

Siteplan Explorer

We are very excited to announce that we are currently working on our new version of the Siteplan Explorer. Our first pass will allow a developer to place a pin and a development outline on a map on any website that supports javascript, free of charge! I won’t be giving an ETA today, but I am confident that you will be blown away when we are done! I highly recommend getting your developments listed now, otherwise you might be waiting with the rest of the late comers as we deal with backlog! Did I mention it was free? Really, not even Nandos has specials this good! 

Until next time,

Corne Kooyman

Software Simian