Updating Unit Data

Last week we showed you just how easy it is to import your unit data to our PropertyEngine Unit Manager system. If you have liked us on Facebook, you would have seen that we may have alluded to a certain Director's Labrador importing unit data on his behalf... it really is that easy. 

Today we've put together another short clip to show you the process of updating your unit information via the Unit Manager system. Again, we've made sure to keep it simple and fast, allowing you to source, sort and edit your unit information in seconds.

The Unit Manager also allows you to easily propogate your unit data to your HelloHouse website, the LiveList on your company website and your Facebook App. Once you update via the Unit Manager it instantly updates to all your unit lists. Opted in for a map view of your units? Update your unit information via the map view admin panel.

I could go on and on about how the updating process works, but I think it's easier if you experience the magic for yourself.

Manager your unit information with ease and precision. Enquire about Unit Manager for your developments today.

Importing Unit Data

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