Images and your listing


At PropertyEngine we try our best to give you the best quality listing possible for your development on the portals that we supply. However, there are times we simply won't accept your images because they are of poor quality. While this may seem stubborn, we assure you that it is for your own benefit.

Below are some of the reasons why we feel it is important.

Images sell

The human brain processes images much faster than text. This means that we are much more likely to convert a user into a lead on one of our portals if you have good visuals to back up your content. If the user browsing a portal sees a blurry pixelated mess of an image, it's unlikely that they are going to want to live there.

Having standards makes a difference

By being selective on the quality of the images we send to the portals, we create a higher quality website for the end user (i.e. the house hunter). A higher standard means better indexing by search engines, (yes they can tell) and an all round better experience for everyone. This leads to more traffic and a greater number of people enquiring about your development.

There are plenty of sites such as OLX and Gumtree that will allow you to upload any number of blurry and irrelevant images but they are aiming to achieve something different to us.


For your development listing to look appealing online it is important to have high-quality images.

  • The recommended size for any images used on Property24 or HelloHouse is 1024x768 or higher.
  • If panoramas are used these should be as high a resolution as possible. 
  • The maximum resized panoramic image is 1438x430 a larger image is likely to produce a better quality resulting image.
  • The minimum resized panoramic image is 1024x430.
  • For example, an image of 1280x1024 will be resized and cropped to become 1280x430.
  • An image of 2048x1536 will be resized and cropped to produce an image of 1438x430.

Working with us

Whilst we realise that us rejecting some (or all) of your images can be a bit frustrating, we hope the above explanation helps towards giving you some motivation for digging out the better quality ones.

In the end, if you don't have the images available, we appreciate that it isn't always possible. However, we hope you understand that in those cases we prefer not to list your development.