Best ways to process leads from different sources

PropertyEngine can capture and process leads from various sources automatically but we also provide various tools for those cases which we don't. Below is a list of common leads sources and our recommended techniques:

HelloHouse - Development Listings

HelloHouse listings pull directly into PropertyEngine Leads and no integration is required

Capture Point

CapturePoint is automatically setup and configured with your account and requires no extra configuration to get up and running.

Property24 - Development Listings

Property24 Development listing leads pull directly into PropertyEngine Leads automatically and no integration is required

Property24 - For Sale / Rental Listings

This can sometimes cause confusion as we we automatically pull the Development leads from Property24 but the For Sale / Rental listings are controlled via PropCtrl and the leads do not enter into PropertyEngine automatically. If you would like them to be processed then we recommend using LeadFwd to process them.

PrivateProperty - Development Listings/ For Sale / Rental Listings

We recommend using LeadFwd to process any of the leads sent from PrivateProperty

Any Other Property Portal - IOL, MyProperty, etc

We recommend using LeadFwd to process any of the leads sent from PrivateProperty

Your PropData Website

We have an option to integrate with PropData hosted websites but this needs approval and configuration from PropData and PropertyEngine.

Your Standalone Website

We have various ways in which you can integrate your website with PropertyEngine and this has been outlined in this article. If all else fails though you can always use LeadFwd

Facebook / Instagram Advert Leads

If you have opted in for the Social Media Marketing Add On then leads can be configured to pull automatically through but this does require some configuration on PropertyEngines side.

What can't we integrate with?

There are a few sources that we cannot process automatically using any of our mechanisms, these are:

  • A free form email that has been sent to an email address - As these are unstructured emails it's difficult for us to pull the correct information automatically. We suggest you add them manually.
  • Gumtree or OLX emails - The mails that these platforms send don't actually include the lead information but rather a link back to the platform. At this time we suggest you add them manually.


What is LeadForward?

LeadForward will revolutionise the way you capture leads from different sources. LeadForward allows you to forward structured lead emails to a unique forwarding address where all your leads information is automatically updated into your PropertyEngine account – no more manual capture.

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