Lead Capture

Information on how to maximise the sources by which you capture and record leads on PropertyEngine

Integrating your website with PropertyEngine

Your website is often a great source of leads and there are several tools we provide that allow you or your web developer to easily integrate with PropertyEngine.

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Best ways to process leads from different sources

PropertyEngine can capture and process leads from various sources automatically but we also provide various tools for those cases which we don't.

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Tips on using Social Media integration Add On

Some advice on the best way to create Facebook Adverts so that your leads are captured in the best possible way.

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Dealing with an unknown marketing source that needs mapping

In this article we deal with how to handle setting up an new unknown marketing source when it arrives on PropertyEngine

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Overriding Marketing Source with UTM Tags

If the leads from your website are sending through UTM Tags you make want to use the values as marketing source

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