Why does my lead have a "Mapping required" badge on it?

There are two possible reasons why your lead may have a Mapping Required badge against it, this could either be because we have received a lead with a marketing source or a development of interest that we don't recognise. These are explained below:

Marketing Source

As PropertyEngine records leads from all sorts of sources we don't always have control as to the naming of source when it arrives at PropertyEngine. For instance if your account is integrated with PropData then your leads may be set to sources set on PropDatas application which may not match what you've configured on PropertyEngine.

When a lead has Mapping Required set then it means that we've received a Marketing Source that hasn't been setup for your account. To resolve this follow the instructions on how to map a new source here (you only need to do this once per new source)

Development of Interest

We realised that developers and agents love to call their developments different names on different portals and so we allow leads to arrive on our API with developments of interest set to these flexible names. If we don't recognise a development name we need you to provide us with guidance as to which development that should be assigned to.

For instance if you've listed the development "Blue Rock Estate" on Private Property with the development name "Blue Rock Development - Somerset west" we aren't going to know for sure that they are the same estate when a lead comes in so that lead will be marked as Mapping Required.