Integrating your website with PropertyEngine

Your website is often a great source of leads and there are several tools we provide that allow you to easily integrate with PropertyEngine. We have listed them in order of preference:

1. Direct API Integration

You can send leads directly to our API, this varies based on the platform you are using but in general we will provide you a Webhook URL for you to hit which you can then POST through various JSON parameters.

If you are using Wordpress and Contact Form 7 we recommend using an integration plugin that is provided by a company called QuerySol.

The following needs to be performed by your website developer and PropertyEngine does not get involved with website development of individual client accounts.

2. Zapier

If your website or contact form can integrate with Zapier then you can send to us. Simply use their Webhook Zap to send to the Webhook URL we provided you

3. LeadFwd

If the best your website or web developer can give you is an email then we can always process that automatically via LeadFwd

4. Manual

If all else is impossible (we can't think of a case) there is always old fashioned elbow grease and you can add it manually.