Overriding Marketing Source with UTM Tags

If you have a deep level of integration with PropertyEngine and you do campaign marketing on Google Ads, Facebook or 11th Tile then your leads will most likely arrive with UTM Tags. At times you may want these to take precedence over the Marketing Source sent in via the integration.

E.g. you may want "Pre-Launch Campaign" to be set versus "Website" if the lead came from visiting the website after clicking a Google advert called "Pre-Launch Campaign".

To allow for this override follow these steps.

Go to Account Settings

If you are an Account Administrator you can click on the Top Right menu and select Account Settings

Select Lead Management and Profiling

From the Account settings Select the Lead Management category and then the Profile section

Select the UTM Tag that should override the Marketing Source

Select the UTM Tag you would like to use as the override from the dropdown labelled Use UTM Value as Marketing Source. We recommend using the UTM Campaign value.

If you leave the dropdown blank then UTM Tags will not impact the leads marketing source.


Dealing with an unknown marketing source that needs mapping

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