2013 - a year of improvements

We can't quite believe that 2013 is almost over. If you're fortunate enough to be sipping cold drinks by a pool somewhere, we hope you are having a wonderful holiday. If, like us, you're still in the office, here's some light reading on what we've been up to.

Going into our second year, our mission was to build products that were not only extremely helpful to the property marketing process, but also looked really cool, too. Time is as scarce as a hens teeth when you're in the process if launching a development, so we've done our best to streamline the functionality of each product to keep things fast and simple. Of course, we're never 100% finished as fine-tuning is a constant art. Here are a few of our highlights:

We upped our communication with your clients:

We know you value your client leads and we do too. This year, we've increased contact with them via an auto-response.This asks your lead whether they were responded to in a timely manner, whether they ended up purchasing and allows us to gauge their interest in future sales. Our follow-up is quick for the client, but valuable for us as we work towards creating the best residential development portal.

We allow you to display real-time unit information to your clients:

Unit-level information is important when selling a residential development, but we noticed that unit information displayed online were often out of date, leading to a frustrating user experience. As techies, relying on PDFs for accurate date on a purchase of a home wasn't going to cut it, so we built LiveList. This data is not only displayed on HelloHouse, but is also uploaded to your own website. Management of your unit LiveList is quick and easy, done in one place and reflected everywhere in real-time.

We help you to manage, categorise and safely store your leads:

Sales can't happen without leads, so effective management of your leads is critical. Losing a lead via an unreliable mailing system or piece of software is the potential loss of a sale. We decided to do something about this and so we built our Lead Manager system. Not only can you safely store your and view your leads via your private account, but you can now categorise them effectively allowing for appropriate response and follow-up marketing. If you want to read more about our lead categorising functionality, you can do so here.

We've built Development Progress:

A lot happens between the launch of a development and the final unit sale, and interested parties and buyers often wish to be kept in the loop. We know that creating newsletters and designing mail campaigns is tiresome, so we've created Development Progress as a smart and effecient solution. Improvements to our original product include the ability to invite your existing data base of clients to subscribe; the easy pre-scheduling of updates when you're out of the office; posting your updates to your social media accounts with one click; and the automatic posting of your progress updates to your blog or website via an RSS feed.

Continued improvements to HelloHouse and PropertyEngine are part of the course as we strive to develop cutting edge tools for our property developers and agents. We've had a good year with our product design, but we're hoping that 2014 will be even better. If you haven't queried how we can help improve your online marketing presence, please contact us in the new year.

Happy holiday from our team to yours.

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