Development Progress - how it all works

If you missed our launch post on Development Progress, we explained how using Development Progress regularly put a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. The value of consistent communication to your clients is huge, and we take away the pain of creating a regular ol' newsletter for you by offering a rather snazzy, reader-friendly progress digest (you read that correctly - we do the design work for you and send it on your behalf).

Today I'm going to explain the process of Development Progress to you. 

How to update your Development Progress:

Step 1: Login to your PropertyEngine account and click the Development Progress tab. Click the green '+Add Progress' button and you'll come to the update page. Here you get to select a category (general, construction or marketing), give your update a title and add a source, if relevant. A text box allows you to be as succinct or verbose as you like, and we encourage you to add up to three good images and/ or a relevant video clip. 

Step 2: Submit your Development Progress update for approval (this is just to ensure you have no typos and that all relevant data has loaded correctly).

Step 3: We publish your Development Progress update to HelloHouse. Anyone who views your listing can click on the progress tab to see what you've been up to via your progress timeline. A full timeline indicates plenty of activity is happening on your development. Your latest status appears on your listing overview page.

Step 4: We send out a weekly digest of all the latest news on your development to everyone who has subscribed for updates. The more you update, the more news your potential clients will receive.

Four simple steps to great communication with your clients. It really is that easy!

Future plans for this tool includes sending your progress updates to all your social media and marketing platforms as soon as we hit 'publish'. 

Next week we'll be talking about our new ranking system which rates your development profile on HelloHouse according to a number of variables, including how often you post updates to Development Progress. The more frequently you post, the better you rank. Why not login to your PropertyEngine account now and post your first update.


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