Development Progress - invite clients to subscribe

Since we launched Development Progress, we've been working on improving the functionality as per our clients' requests. We’ll be writing a few blog posts about the new features to get you familiar with how to optimize Development Progress as a communication platform to your current and potential clients.

How to increase your number of subscribers

You’ve spent time and energy growing your list of leads using your marketing skills. You’ve set up the shopping mall activations, launched grand open days, popped up a billboard and have now cultivated a rather impressive lead email contact list. Some of these leads have already converted to sales, others are deliberating and phoning their banks and some are just “interested”. You realise the value of communicating regularly with all of these clients and have opted to use Development Progress to do this, but how do you make these clients aware that they can receive weekly updates from you in a user-friendly digest format?

You are now able to send a unique subscription page link to your client email list via Development Progress. We know time is precious, so this process is as simple as three short steps:

  1. Login to your PropertyEngine account, view your development and select the progress tab.
  2. Click the ‘Invite clients to subscribe’ button. This will launch your email browser with a prescribed text explaining what Development Progress is and providing them with a link to your unique subscription page.
  3. Import your contact list and hit ‘send’.

Yup, it really is that simple. Your subscription count is updated every 24 hours so check back regularly to monitor your audience growth. Your clients can choose to opt in for progress or not as spam is just a really lousy way of communicating and will quickly get you ignored. In order to keep those who have opted in interested, it’s important to submit regular progress updates.

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