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You've probably heard it said that good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow?  My idea for this post was to adapt this and apply it to the launch of your real estate website.  Something like, "a good site today is better than a perfect site tomorrow".  But, aside from the cheesiness of the statement, there is one major problem: the perfect website does not exist.

But I'm nearly there...

I know, I know, you are just not quite ready; the business is changing and evolving and the site that looked so good last month now represents yesterday's thinking. Your tech guy is probably building the best property development showcase the world has ever seen.  Not long now, and it should be ready.  These sentiments are valid, and it is good to desire the best possible public face representing your venture.  Yet, you are losing a never-to-be-recaptured opportunity by delaying.

The benefits of popping your head above ground, even now when everything is still in flux, are significant.  There are people looking for a product just like yours at this very moment.  Google and other search engines would like to start indexing your content.  And don't forget that there is immense value in actually seeing your thoughts and materials arranged together, compiled in a format that communicates who you are to the world out there.

You do not have to wait

The really good news is that we've made it easy for you.  With PropertyEngine's Instant Site technology, it is possible to present your development to an audience of potential buyers quicker than you can say HTTP.   It has always been our desire to simplify the process of selling property on the web.  With Instant Site, we set our crosshairs on creating an Internet presence for property developers that is easy to implement, yet provides access to a quiver full of purpose-built property marketing tools.

Instant Site is not only a great solution for property developers who lack a web presence, but has proven to be a valuable SEO boosting companion product to those with existing websites.

OK, sold!

When you list on HelloHouse, the information supplied will be re-purposed to build your site.  It is that simple.

Oh, did I use the f word yet?  Yep, we offer all of this, free.

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