Socially Devoted to You

I'm a social media expert.  Yessiree.  I can manage every network for all my clients all the time, whilst running a PC building business on the side.  Regardless of industry, your online reputation couldn't be in better hands. Right now, as we speak, a guy from India clicked "like" on my uncle Joe's garden service page.  After the big Spur burger giveaway campaign, he's set for greatness.

Sturgeon's Law states that "90% of everything is crud", and, let's face it, the bulk of social media activity is here today, gone tomorrow.  Everybody's trying, but very few pull it off.  I've even heard the term "Social Media Bubble" bandied about.  When faced with the deluge of poorly executed attempts at gaining a following, it is easy to dismiss the social media evangelists and bin their message.  Right alongside those discount voucher emails you receive every morning.

Wait a minute...

But hang on.  Don't dump the gold with the gravel.  Social networking holds phenomenal potential for businesses of any size.  With 42 million facebook fans, big brands like Coca Cola have leveraged the immediacy of the medium to their advantage.  Likewise, smaller organisations who carefully consider their social media marketing approach (as part of a larger brand building strategy) are sure to shine.  

This is where you come in.  We have a hunch that you're interested in the 10% at the top of Sturgeon’s revelation.  Or better yet, the 1% who build something enduring.  Rather than replace your website, social networks are built to amplify your message.  


Against this backdrop we have designed the PropFolio Facebook application. In simple terms, we've created a highly engaging means for property developers to put their best foot forward, right within Facebook.   Searching for a community to make your home should be, well, spectacularly simple and engaging.  The proof of the pudding is in the clicking - check it out here

Numbers matter

Why Facebook? Well, with a staggering 1 billion active users and 125+ billion friend connections, it is the logical starting point for businesses who want to "hang out" where the people are.  At last count there were 42 million Facebook pages (not profiles) with 10 or more likes -- further testament to the widespread adoption of social networks as a means of broadcasting your message.

The true benefit is that more than half of these users log in on a daily basis.  At least once every 24 hours, they are reading their news feed, the perfect reminder of your presence, activities and value add.  With traffic outstripping Google, your brand should be there, represented with all the warm sophistication you can muster.

So, whilst resisting the term "social media experts", we'd like to transform your social media presence into something remarkable.  Click here to experience it first-hand

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