Lead Management

How to profile, manage and engage your leads

Merging leads and the rules applied

When leads enter a system from as many channels as PropertyEngine the chances that one lead comes via more than one is high causing duplication. We catch duplicates at the point of entry and flag them for administrators to de-duplicate before continuing.

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Create & re-use filter segments for leads

If you find yourself filtering by the same set of criteria every time you can create and save a that segment and have it readily available the next time

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Setting a Reminder for the Lead list view

To set a reminder against a particular lead you can configure them on the lead list

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Keeping track of who to follow up on can be difficult, reminders makes it easy

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Dealing with an unknown marketing source that needs mapping

In this article we deal with how to handle setting up an new unknown marketing source when it arrives on PropertyEngine

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Overriding Marketing Source with UTM Tags

If the leads from your website are sending through UTM Tags you make want to use the values as marketing source

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